ArtCast featuring Seamus Hughes

In todays edition (very likely to be the last one before the summer break of some three weeks, sorry), you will follow our one hour conversation with Seamus Hughes, when we sat down with him on a nice balcony of the Warteck PP, a brewery turned atelier, restaurant, workshop, artspace etc. Jim (aka Seamus) Hughes is Founder and was Artistic Director of Western Australia's Fieldworks Performance Group. He is a choreographer, visual artist, writer and director of theatre. Trained originally in classical ballet, he has performed, taught and directed with a diverse range of dance and theatre organisations throughout Australia and the world. Jim is a trained Feldenkrais practitioner.
What he will reveal in the interview - among many other things: Seamus has 10 brothers and sisters, he started out as an apprentice to become a printer, but he switched to balletdance in Dublin, he danced on many european stages (also in Zurich with Nurejev), switched to painting in Cologne, accompanied Joseph Beuys while he was in Ireland, he tought performance in Perth, he practices Feldenkrais now in Basel. Barbara met him by chance at a performance in the Kaskadenkondensator, a space dedicated to contemporary art and performance inside the Warteck PP. His motto is:

"To inspire the creativity in people is what i believe our job is as artists!"

Enjoy the summer (on the northern hemisphere)! Feedback is always welcome to "artcast at gmail dot com".



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