ArtCast at Ars Electronica: Spire Live

Turntables on the St.Florian Altar

After the SemaSpace interview we continue the Ars Electronica series with another little piece of music - except that it isn't that little at all this time: It's the full recording of the two Spire concerts in the Stiftskirche St.Florian, made on 2006/09/02.

Spire is an experimental organ-based project and received an Honorary Mention in the category Digital Musics at Prix Ars Electronica 2006. The performers on the famous "Brucknerorgel" are Robert Kovács (Monastery Organist in St. Florian) and Charles Matthews (Spire), they're joined by Philip Jeck (live turntables) and Christian Fennesz (live electronics).

The quality is just like what you'd expect from an amateurish bootleg recording in a very large room and a very mighty instrument such as the monastery's organs plus live electronics, which was sometimes clearly too much for my mic - but, as poor as it is, I think it might be somewhat interesting for at least some of you anyway.

So here is, in a rather abbreviated form, the listing of this artcast's content:

Note that this is in fact a rather big piece (length: 2:20:34h, size: 97M), but please:

Listen and enjoy!

St. Florian Stiftskirche

The next posting is going to be an interview again - with Dr. Serafine A.I. Lindemann, representing Vodafone Research & Development and the project Song fuer C.

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Florist @ 14.09.2006 17:41 CET
It sounds very nice and relaxing. I liked it.
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