ArtCast at Ars Electronica: Song fuer C

dvb-h smartphone screenshot

Serafine Lindemann

In the middle of Ars Electronica -and therefore in the middle of our series from "Ars"- I had a conversation with Serafine Lindemann (curator, Artcircolo), representing the mobile TV project Song fuer C, a joint endeavour by M+M (Marc Weis and Martin DeMattia), Vodafone R&D and the Hochschule für Gestalung und Kunst Zürich (HGKZ), trying to develop the new format of the mobile detective story.

For once, the intro to the (german) interview should give you most of the context, so without further ado:

Listen and enjoy!

As an aside, for the technically inclined: a press release by Vodafone, plus the (free) framework in use - and yes, the device runs linux/qtopia.. :-)

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